Located in the heart of Garden City’s rapidly expanding Live-Work-Create District, Alley Repertory Theater is a bold, risk-taking cultural leader and an artistic home where established professionals mentor emerging artists to create high-quality, innovative, and culturally sensitive productions.

Alley Rep has produced nearly 45 plays, held numerous readings of original plays by local playwrights, and helped nurture the careers of performers, directors and designers alike. Our productions tackle a range of subjects and are aimed at people and cultures from all walks of life. From timely, contemporary, Pulitzer Prize-winning plays to well-known musicals to Christmas Extravaganzas, Alley Rep strives to be a company that produces quality and inclusive…

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We are pleased to highlight the work of artist Tony Moody, our October 2019 artist of the month.

Tony Moody was first introduced to photography while in the 7th grade, when he learned to develop black and white film. Moody kept photography as a passing hobby until his son started playing sports. With a desire to document the world around him, and the beginning of he digital age, Moody decided to get back to what he loved to do, photography. Moody strives to continue learning and improving his craft.

Fishhook Moon | Digital Photograph| 16×16” | 2017

To learn more about Tony and to view his work, visit his web site

In 2018 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece of artwork as part of our Supporting the Arts initiative.…

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What was he thinking when he created that? How does she paint with beeswax? What is the path to becoming a glassmaker? However helpful docents, curators, and gallery owners can be, some questions can only be answered by the artists themselves. That’s where Boise Open Studio Collective Organization (BOSCO) comes in.

Every October, Boise Open Studios Weekend is your chance to ask questions, interact with local artists, and buy work directly from the creator. BOSCO was established 16 years ago to foster greater understanding of the creative process between artists and the general public. The nonprofit bridges the gap between the artists who live and work in our community and those of us who appreciate them.

To visit an artist’s studio is to see…

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We are pleased to highlight the work of artist Rachel Teannalach, our September 2019 artist of the month.

Rachel Teannalach is a contemporary landscape painter based in Boise, Idaho. Originally from northern New Mexico, her traveling painting pack has taken her from Marin County to Iceland and many places between. Teannalach’s focus over the last several years has been collaborations with conservation organizations, supporting their efforts to preserve the lands she loves to paint. She is known especially for her “tinyExpanse” daily paintings. Teannalach is represented by Capitol Contemporary Gallery in Boise and Simon Breitbard Fine Arts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2018 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece of artwork as…

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