Are you finding yourself with time on your hands? Maybe you have spring fever? An urge to purge? Or, maybe you really have been tasked to deep-clean your home in preparation of listing it for sale.

Many of us may have an idea of what spring cleaning could involve: perhaps washing windows, cleaning carpets, sprucing up garden beds. But what if you really enjoy this seasonal ritual? Are you looking for some advanced challenges? How about cleaning baseboards with soapy water? Cleaning tub and sink drains? Washing out the dishwasher filter?

If you enjoy the instant gratification of house tasks, there are plenty of DIY lists, blogs, videos and checklists. But if you really are doing these chores because you are about to sell your home, follow THIS…

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Many of us have been in the situation of listing our own home for sale. It’s a lot of work to pre-pack, clean, stage and show your home while your are still living in it. The effort of these tasks multiply when you are the representative for a deceased’s estate. We invite you to listen to this comprehensive video. It will prepare you for this role, and give you the confidence to trust Andrea Pettitt, and her team, to carry some of your burden during a difficult time.

“Hi, I’m Andrea Pettitt, with the Pettitt Group, and we’re going to talk a little bit today about selling an estate property. First of all, when someone passes away and leaves behind an estate to settle that includes real property, that can be some of the most emotionally difficult…

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Located in Garden City’s burgeoning arts corridor, Surel’s Place was founded in 2012 as an artist-in-residence program. They have supported nearly 275 artists locally and nationwide.

This gallery and education center hosts free and low-cost workshops, musical performances and presentations on art and writing. They also provide professional development opportunities for artists.

Surel’s Place operates on the principle that art offers insight into the human experience, and also strengthens our community. Additionally, their PARTNER Program brings quality art instruction and experiences into local public schools. To learn more about Surel’s Place and its impact on our community, head to their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

The Pettitt…

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We are pleased to highlight the work of Brooke Burton, our April 2020 artist of the month.

Brooke Burton lives, works and teaches in Boise as an artist and photographer. Her work was on display at the Boise Art Museum for the 2017 Triennial.

She is a writer and photographer for the City of Boise’s Art & History Department blog. Her personal aesthetic fluctuates between minimalist and maximalist compositions, reflecting her love of miniatures.

Her work often uses inanimate objects as a means of storytelling and to explore human narratives. Follow Brooke on Instagram @hi_burton, on her Facebook page, Brooke Burton and on her website.

Original: Photograph, archival pigment print | 2019 | 16.5 x 11″

In 2019 the Pettitt Group…

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Over the past decade, the Treasure Valley real estate market has benefited greatly from out-of-state investors. There are many factors to consider when cashing in on your investment property. In this video Andrea Pettitt, Realtor, and owner of the Pettitt Group at Group One Sotheby’s International Realty in Boise, Idaho provides some insight on whether or not this the time for you to sell your Treasure Valley rental.

“I’m Andrea Pettitt and we’re here today to talk about selling an investment property in Boise. The first thing to remember when selling an investment property in Boise is that it’s never too soon to reach out and talk to a real estate agent. In the investment property, it’s not unusual for me to talk to someone who owns a property…

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We are pleased to highlight the work of William D. Lewis, our March 2020 artist of the month.

William Lewis studied at Parsons School of Design, Hunter College, and NYU. His paintings were on display for three Idaho Triennial exhibitions at the Boise Art Museum (earning merit awards twice), and some are permanently installed in the Boise Public Library’s Hillcrest branch.

Lewis’ work has been exhibited at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts’ Making Camp, and at MING Studios in Boise. He also received the 2011 Fellowship award from the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

You can follow him on Instagram @wmdlewis, on his Facebook page, Bill Lewis, and on his website.

Original: Watercolor on paper | 2019 | 18 x 15″

In 2019…

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When most people hear the word “art,” they think of visual arts like painting, photography, and ceramic. But one of the most dynamic, evocative forms of art is dance. Movement and music come together to express abstract ideas and emotions; the body becomes both artist and medium.

Off Center Dance has created over 30 new works and six dance films. Their gifted dancers are immensely passionate and have dedicated years to the study and performance of dance.

We’re certainly grateful for the beauty Off Center Dance adds to the reality of the Treasure Valley community! For more information visit their website, or on Instagram @offcenterdanceidaho.

The Pettitt Group is thrilled to continue supporting local artists and local arts-based nonprofits.

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The Cabin is a Boise, Idaho literary arts organization. The Cabin forges community through the voices of all readers, writers and learners. The Cabin’s workshops, readings, lectures, camps and other educational programs provoke creativity and experimentation, foster literary excellence, and inspire a love of reading and writing.

The Cabin believes that connecting with writers and their writing will make us all more empathetic by giving us access to feelings and experiences we couldn’t possibly know if we didn’t read or write. This means that spreading the joy and craft of reading and writing doesn’t just create more readers and writers, but more thoughtful, understanding people.

The public is welcome to join in on the fun. For more information on upcoming…

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