This is our annual report on the Ada County housing market. You may find that other sources report slightly different results. Our source is the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service and we follow all the major housing choices available to buyers including single family detached housing with up to 2 acres of land, townhouses and condominiums.

Significant issues of the year are:

  • housing inventory (properties available to buy as of December 31) has decreased significantly
  • in spite of the decrease in inventory, unit sales have increased
  • because of the limited inventory, prices have increased by about 14%

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Off Center Dance Project proves that when movement and music come together, they can express abstract ideas and emotions.

This local nonprofit arts organization has created over 30 unique works and six dance films. Their gifted dancers are immensely passionate and have dedicated years to the study and performance of dance.

For more information on their mission and upcoming performances, visit their website.

The Pettitt Group is proud to support the Treasure Valley arts community. We believe they make Boise a better place for everyone to live, work, and give.

Each month we donate $1000 to a designated local nonprofit arts organization to support and encourage their local vision.

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Karen Jacobsen loves painting and drawing.

Jacobsen has been captivated by the visual energy and abundance of the natural world. Combining art and science has given her a keen eye for capturing the subtle to austere beauty of her subjects.

As a member of the Plein Air Painters of Idaho, the Idaho Watercolor Society, and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, she is constantly observing and painting.

Follow Karen on her website or on Facebook at Insituartist.

Rolling Road | 8×10″ | 2018

In 2020 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece from the artist. Each year we expand our signature art collection with 12 new originals from local artists. As part of our annual supporting the arts initiative, we offer our clients…

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