View of Boise Depot and surrounding hills in Boise Bench

Our Experience Sells Homes

The Boise Group knows real estate, and it knows Boise. Our richly-experienced team members are connected to the people of Boise and the Treasure Valley, and we turn these personal connections into sales.

We know that elegant staging and striking photography, as well as video tours, turn your home into a must-have at the top of prospective buyers' lists.

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We Know Buyers

Team members boast more than 70 years of combined experience, we live in neighborhoods alongside our clients, and our networking and research efforts deftly identify buyers looking for a home like yours.

Marketing Capabilities

When we take on your home's listing, the journey is just beginning. We work our magic to turn your home into a story, an experience, that captures the heart of the right buyer.

  • High-definition photosWow, the view of the pine-covered hills is breathtaking. Look, the kitchen island doubles as a bar. This room would be perfect for a yoga studio.
  • Professional photography — With optimum lighting and flattering angles will highlight everything special about your home. We show every feature and detail for a variety of buyer needs and wishes. 
  • Designer staging — From furnishings to paintings to a basket of lemons in the kitchen, we make your home look real and family-oriented. Our concierge service coordinates all the work of beautifying your home; we take the worry off your hands, particularly if you're outside the area. 
  • Walkthroughs with agents — We have state of the art digital technologies to bring your home to life and give the buyer an informed impression before an in-person tour. Our agents can create a customized virtual walk-through tour, highlighting the areas the buyer values most.

A Wide Online Reach

Your home won't be curled up comfortably on our website, waiting for views. The Boise Group puts your listing out there, where highly-targeted audiences will see it.

Pricing Right

Many factors determine the maximum value for your home. The Boise Group’s selling team uses their vast experience to incorporate real-time, real-life data to find the optimal pricing strategy for your listing in today’s ever-changing market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What repairs should I make to increase the value of my home?
A. You're on the right track with this question. As the Boise Group’s lead listing agent with twenty years of helping buyers and sellers in the Boise market, Andrea Pettitt says, “having a home that is move-in ready is more important to buyers than ever. Buyers have a low tolerance for homes that need ‘fixing up’ and will pay a premium for homes in exceptional condition.”

When we work with sellers, we walk through their homes with a buyer’s eye, making specific recommendations for repairs and upgrades. We understand the cost of doing repairs, so we often cover the upfront costs for getting a home market-ready, allowing a seller to reimburse us at the closing of the sale to help them preserve their funds.

The Boise Group also provides sellers with a home preparation checklist to help them stay organized, and quickly access service provider recommendations.


Q. Should I price my home high or low?
A. Ehh, maybe somewhere in between. You may have heard of a strategy of going low to induce a bidding war; alternatively, some say to start high, assuming your buyer will want to negotiate. It's easy to see possible pitfalls: no war ensuing or buyers just passing on a higher-priced home in favor of one listed lower.

Your Boise Group professional will know which times of year are best, which late-breaking developments may influence price, and how the market is functioning at any moment. They will use these factors to get the market value of your home, and that's the best starting point. From there, we'll do the heavy lifting to get you the best possible price.


Q. How do real estate commissions work?
A. The commission you pay your agent is a percentage of the amount of the sale. Naturally, that motivates the agent not only to negotiate the most fortuitous price, but to do the footwork (photography, staging, marketing) to make sure the home does sell.  

Generally, the commission is split between the seller's broker and the buyer's. People who attempt to sell a home on their own will typically pay the buyer's agent's commission.


Q. Should I be sure to sell my old house before buying a new one?
A. Traditional wisdom says that buying first is the best option for someone with sufficient funds or margin of safety, while selling first is more prudent for someone with budget or liquidity constraints.

If you buy first, this allows you to get the interest rates available right then, not after you sell your house. It also helps a buyer more easily capture the “hot property” of their choosing. If you can weather the risk of your old house not selling soon or not selling at your desired price, you have the advantage of buying what you want when you want.

However, if you hold off the purchase until your former house has closed, you'll know how much you have available to spend and won't be straddling two properties.

But, of course, each family has its particular circumstances. That’s why we sit down and have an in depth conversation to strategize around what’s best for the client — often hearing, “Oh, I never thought of that.” Many times, creative solutions emerge that help people get from point A to B when at first the path forward seemed impossible. And for our young families who tend to put off selling and buying the longest, we can help with the natural overwhelm that happens when toddlers are taking over, space is short, and clutter is high.