Surel’s Place honors the legacy of artist Surel Mitchell by offering her home and studio to promising and
renowned artists for month-long residencies and professionally-supported art events.

In this inspiring live/work space, artists are given time and freedom to reflect and create. These world-wide artists share their work, expertise and passion through workshops, artist talks, gallery shows, performances, and more.

Explore upcoming workshops and events at You can also sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter.

Join them on their patio every Friday night from 5-7 pm at 3472 N Prospect Way, Garden City. You can enjoy wine as well as the creations of a local artisan sharing their work. A wide array of styles and materials will be…

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Becka’s work explores the relationship between letting go and the need for control. She first grants herself permission to play with materials without being attached to the outcome. Shapes and textures form, and images are revealed to her.

With each piece of work she sees the struggle of the human spirit — to let go, be free, to play without boundaries versus the constraints of needing to control the details of life, interactions, and the manners in which we accomplish things.

Follow Becka on her website, on Facebook, and on Instagram @beckawatkinsart.

In 2020 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece from the artist. Each year we expand our signature art collection with 12 new originals from local artists. As part of our…

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Updating the monthly statistics from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service used to just be a rote task composed of low-energy/low thought data entry. But over the last several months, this has actually been an exciting reveal to which we look forward! The first quarter of 2021 has surprised buyers, sellers and even the agents and staff at the Pettitt Group.

It’s no surprise that the Treasure Valley is experiencing another surge of growth in the real estate industry. Much of this is likely attributed to the Covid 19 pandemic that changed the way Americans live — and the way we now “live” in our homes. With so many industries discovering the ease of sending their employees to their home offices, kitchens and living rooms to work safely, America…

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