Story Story Night brings its audiences together like family — with inspiration, insight, connections, revelation and change. They have been opening up their stage to our community of storytellers for almost 10 years, giving back to the community in a realistic and cooperative way. This alliance is built on trust.

The 2020 Season is based on the decades (and all the dated associations that go with them). Attendees will laugh and cry with recognition as they party like it’s 1999 (and any given era before and after).

See how it all adds up when we go there with true stories told live on stage and without notes. With featured storytellers intermixed with an open story slam, it’s like once upon a time without the fairy tales.

Story Story Night…

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We are pleased to highlight the work of Andrea Sparrow, our January 2020 artist of the month.

Andrea Sparrow has been working as an artist and photographer for 30 years. With a focus on the impacts of climate change, her work has become more documentary in nature, capturing the natural world as it is altered by changes in temperature, weather and human impact. Andrea works in the Arctic documenting the science of climate change for The Arctic Arts Project and in the Colorado River Basin.  Follow Andrea on her Facebook page, Andrea Sparrow, on Instagram @apsparrow, or visit her website.

Original: Digital Photograph | 2017 | 12 x 18″
Evening Ice, Scoresby Sound

In 2019 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece for our ongoing art…

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