Randy Van Dyck: March 2019 Artist of the Month

We are pleased to highlight the work of artist Randy Van Dyck, our March 2019 artist of the month.

Randy Van Dyck’s recent works are inspired and explained by the titles of the pieces themselves. There is often a sense of humor to his work, created from the literal portrayals of common words and phrases. Van Dyck’s works are thought provoking. His use of shadows create a slight confusion in the two-dimensional plane, adding contrast between the subject and the landscape. Randy hopes to continue this body of work, eventually evolving to include more socially conscious subject matter.

In 2018 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece of artwork as part of our Supporting the Arts initiative. Throughout the year, we give away fine art prints of this beautiful artwork as client closing gifts. The original will be auctioned in November 2019 at our annual “Art Night Out & Auction” at the Boise Art Museum.

Lucky Duck | Acrylic on Hardboard | 8×8″ | 2018

To learn more about Randy and to view his work, head to vandyckframe.com

We are excited to continue to promote local artists and support arts education! Learn more about our Supporting the Arts program and see all the 2019 artists here.