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We understand that buying a home can make you feel overwhelmed. It's hard to keep track of all the listings you happen upon. It’s one thing to see that a house is for sale, and quite another to know all the factors involved in the decision: renovation needs, levels of local traffic, nearby schools, libraries, doctor's offices, the best bagel shops and more.

We Live in the Treasure Valley

We'd have a hard time doing your job, and you shouldn't have to do ours. Not only do each of our buying agents have 10+ years of experience, but we all live in the Treasure Valley, the heart of which is Boise. Some of us grew up here, witnessing change and growth firsthand.

And we all have contacts and relationships: with other realtors, homeowners, developers, those who have what you're looking for. We also know which shoe stores and vegan restaurants are hiding in which neighborhoods, not to mention where to find the best schools, the safest and quietest streets, the most awe-inspiring views, and the most affordable houses.

What Are Your Needs?

When you come to us at the Boise Group, we begin with real conversations. We want to know your goals and needs. The lifestyles of you and your household have a match somewhere in the valley, and we can find it. We'll work with your preferences, must-haves, nice-to-haves, and of course, your budget.

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Insider's Guide to Boise

Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley are a scenic blend of pristine nature and urban comfort. It's a paradise for snowboarders, hikers, and rafters, but also for seekers of vegan cuisine, art galleries, and museums.

Not only does Boise make an appearance on Best Places to live lists, such as U.S. News & World Report's, but it's always evolving and booming. Nestled at the foot of the glorious Boise foothills, downtown Boise is home to an amazing array of local boutiques and shops, including those offering recreational gear, clothing, and supplies. Boise is home to many world-class chefs, and you’ll find a very diverse array of dining options in and near the downtown area.

A key destination is the Basque Block, with an education center and a market that presents the culture of Boise's Basque population. This small yet vibrant cultural touchstone is surrounded by the heart of downtown and Boise Centre on the Grove, the Grove Plaza and the local hockey and events arena. The dining district along 8th Street is a hub of activity and the artwork of Freak Alley is a must-see. Boise is made up of many distinct neighborhoods, each with its organically evolving character. Whether you're moving across town or from other spots in Idaho, or embarking on a popular cross-country relocation, here's a guide to the neighborhoods of Boise.

Sunset over the hills in North End, Boise

North End

It's hard to conceive of an area that is as at once historical and upwardly trending as Boise's North End, one of the most notable of Boise neighborhoods. Homes here range from classic bungalow and mission style constructions to restored homes and contemporary condos. Likewise, the neighborhood sits between the rustic splendor of Boise's foothills and the quirky hipness of downtown.

Once connected to downtown by trolley, historic Hyde Park is now a thriving shopping district. That exemplifies the growth of this area since the time when our team leader, Andrea pedaled her bike around what was a much-less populated space. The North End is one of the most prized real estate districts in not just Idaho, but the entire American West!

Sunny green golf course in Northwest Boise

Northwest Boise

This neighborhood is utter Nirvana for hikers and bikers. It's adjacent to the Boise River and its greenbelt system, as well as the foothills system. The area is home to traditional subdivisions and townhome developments: you'll find clean streets, attached garages, and mature landscaping.

While not entirely inexpensive, this eclectic part of the city will be easier on your checkbook than the North End or Southeast Boise. The neighborhood affords easy highway access to nearby Meridian, with the Village, a shopping center complete with an ice-skating rink and its famous fountain, in addition to ample dining and a movie theater.

Red roof home in Boise Bench

Boise Bench

Known locally as "the next North end," the Bench is an up-and-coming neighborhood that has already seen great growth. Historically, this suburb was home to Vista Village, said to be America's first strip  mall.

It offers pricier properties with amazing views, historic boulevards in the Owyhee/Shoshone corridor, and mid-19th-century era homes for those with a retro aesthetic. The Central Rim and Crescent Rim afford stunning views overlooking downtown Boise.

Searching for your dream home in Boise? We're the experts. Contact us online today or call 208-917-3330.

View of water, forest, and bridge in sunny Northeast Boise

Northeast Boise

East of downtown and North of the river, this is a very desirable, growing part of town. As with most parts of Boise, Northeast gives access to foothills and hiking, but it includes some special locales such as Boulder Heights and Warm Springs Mesa. It also has the newly developed Barber Valley which encompasses Harris Ranch as well as other neighborhoods.

Attractions in this area include the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Eagle Rock Park, the MK Nature Center, and Boise State University.

Notable: Boise’s Ridge to Rivers website is an amazing resource for outdoor enthusiasts:

wooden bridge at Barber Park in Southeast Boise

Southeast Boise

While this is one of the ritziest parts of Boise, the Southeast does offer a mix of old and new. One can find both starter homes and sprawling multi-million-dollar properties. If you're looking for a modern, turn-key lifestyle, River Run is a likely destination, with its patio homes and condos. If you're thinking  "urban," you'll love Bown Crossing's lofts and other brand-new properties, but they sure don't stay on the market long. Wood Duck Island offers larger lots and quaint, winding streets; Surprise Valley is peaceful and near many walking paths; and East Meadow Park provides a wonderful sense of community. 

Treasure Valley's biggest employer, Micron Technology, is near Columbia Village, a planned community with its own walking paths and gym and pool. It's home to excellent schools, Trailwind Elementary and Les Bois Junior High. New homes in the recently developed Technology Way corridor south of Idaho 21 offer larger, newer homes with pricing that is more affordable than other parts of northeast and southeast Boise. These neighborhoods offer fantastic livability and accessibility to nature.

West Boise real estate next to a lake

West Boise

Home to the mighty commercial district between I-84 and W. Overland Road, Boise's west side is the city's most accessible for first-time buyers. Residential neighborhoods sprawl westward from the  highway, and the spaces become increasingly family-friendly and dotted by parks and trees.

Many of these streets are more densely populated than other areas of town, with affordability as a tradeoff. Bayhill Springs is a particularly attractive area where homes sell at nice prices: it's no wonder that it's home to several real estate agents!

If you want to learn more about Boise neighborhoods from people who live in them, call us at 208-917-3330.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Apart from location, what are some of the most important factors when choosing a home?
A. We believe that finding a dream home is all about building your best life. Therefore, it's important to find a home that plays to the preferences of you and your family.

There are plenty of homes with sturdy construction, solid pipes, and a good heating and cooling system. All of these are important, but they are the first, easy bar to clear. From there, you should look at what will make you (and everyone in your family) happy. If your spouse is an amazing cook, don't choose a house with a small, basic kitchen, even if it's affordable. If you love to entertain, prioritize a big living room. There are also hard to define elements of character that can mean a lot. Spaces can make us feel confident, comfortable, and safe. We want to get to know you well enough to help you find the right specific qualities that will improve your life.


Q. How important is the neighborhood when choosing a home?
A. These days, it seems like everyone commutes. And no matter where you live, everyone ends up at Target and the chain movie theater and the mall. Why does it matter which neighborhood one lives in? 

Here are a few reasons. To the Boise Group, community is all-important. We don't think it's true that people don't know their neighbors, and we're seeing that the after-effects of COVID-19 have awakened a new desire for shared public spaces and interaction with neighbors. Boise has dozens of amazing neighborhoods, including condo communities and subdivisions, where people have each other's backs and work together to create great living. We can help you find them.

Also, it may be easier than you think to avoid drives across town for a meal or to buy those hiking clothes. We all live in Boise and can be your top resource for finding a cozy pocket with just the right combination of stores, cafes, doctor's offices, schools, and libraries, all just minutes apart.


Q. What percentage of my income should go to my mortgage?
A. There's a common rule that says you shouldn't go over 28 percent of your net income. This can be calculated by using your take-home pay and subtracting debt payments, such as your car payment, insurance, credit cards, and other monthly payments.

Once you have that, multiply by 0.28 and that's how much you can afford for a monthly mortgage payment. So, if your monthly income (after subtracting your obligated payments) is $9,000 the 28 percent formula would yield an “affordable mortgage” at or below a monthly payment of $2,250.

When you apply for a mortgage, banks will also assess your debt-to-income ratio.


Q. What are the most affordable neighborhoods in the Treasure Valley?
A. The West side of Boise, particularly the central areas of it (on either side of Fairview Avenue) afford the best prices and are great for first-time buyers.

Boise Bench, while containing some pricey addresses, does have older homes for under $500,000.

Meridian, a vibrant suburb West of Boise, also has its share of very accessible homes that give you a reasonable commute into Boise proper.

Whether you're on a budget or looking for the most sought-after properties in Boise, let's get started.


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