Becka Watkins: May 2019 Local Artist of the Month

We are pleased to highlight the work of artist Becka Watkins, our May 2019 artist of the month.

For most of her life, Becka Watkins did not share her artwork. Watkins considered her art to be images of her inner world, to be kept as private as her journals. Creativity has allowed her to come to know a deeper part of herself. To Watkins, creating art is both healing and revealing; an outlet that allows her complete peace and a deeper connection with the world. Watkins recently began sharing of her creative writing, with a goal of combining her art and stories into a virtual reality experience, to be completed in 2019. To learn more about Becka and her work, check out her website and her blog.

In 2018 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece of artwork as part of our Supporting the Arts initiative. Throughout the year, we will give away fine art prints of this beautiful artwork as client closing gifts. The original will be auctioned in November 2019 at our annual “Art Night Out & Auction” at the Boise Art Museum.

Becka Watkins | Fire Trees | Acrylic and Rice Paper | 36×36″

To learn more about Becka and to view her work, head to her website.

We are excited to continue to promote local artists and support arts education! Learn more about our Supporting the Arts program and see all the 2019 artists here.