Allie Zeyer: July 2018 Artist of the Month

We are pleased to highlight the work of artist Allie Zeyer, our July 2018 artist of the month. 

“The richness of painting from life,  whether in the studio or outdoors,  is where I find myself as an artist.”

Allie Zeyer grew up watching her dad, Michael Hadley, paint and sell his work in Jackson, WY.  Zeyer received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Brigham Young University and recently studied under nationally recognized artists: Jill Carver, G. Russell Case and Kathryn Stats in Sun Valley, Idaho. Since then, she has participated in several plein air competitions and won several awards. She received first place two consecutive years in a row at the Eagle Plein Air Festival in Idaho for their quick draw event.

Allie describes how art has allowed her to cope with excruciating sorrow as well as the ups and downs of everyday life: “painting provides a tranquil reprieve; it lightens my mind and helps me approach daily life with more joy.” Finding your joys in life is crucial, and we’re proud of Allie for seeing that painting is hers.

In 2017 the Pettitt Group purchased this original piece of artwork as part of our Supporting the Arts initiative. Throughout the year we give away fine art prints of this beautiful artwork as client closing gifts. The original will be auctioned in November 2018 at our annual “Art Night Out” at the Boise Art Museum.

Allie Zeyer | Lavender Views | Oil on Wood Board | 8×10” | 2017

To learn more about Allie and to view her work, be sure to check out her instagram and website.

We are excited to continue to promote local artists and support arts education! Learn more about our Supporting the Arts program and see all the 2018 artists here.