Urban Living in Boise: Downtown and Beyond

Boise isn’t just small-town living anymore, and that’s why our market is thriving! In this video, the Pettitt Group’s Andrea Pettitt and Emily Shultz discuss downtown real estate options for today’s buyers.

Andrea Pettitt: Hi, I’m Andrea Pettitt with the Pettitt Group, and I’m here with-

Emily Shultz: Emily Shultz with the Pettitt Group.

Andrea Pettitt: Yeah, we’re going to talk to you today about urban living, urban neighborhoods in Boise, and also just finding the right neighborhood fit, whether you’ve lived here your whole life or if you’re moving here from out of state. I grew up in Boise, a little kid, running around the North End and I’ve lived on the Boise Bench for over 20 years now. Emily?

Emily Shultz: I’ve been here for almost five years. I have almost never stayed anywhere for this long. And in Boise, I found absolutely the right fit and a place I can be for a while because it’s a lifestyle. And I have lived on the Boise Bench and a few different places and now I’m in northwest Boise, and there are so many great things about both parts of town, and I can really see why my clients love many different places in Boise.

Andrea Pettitt: Definitely. And we were talking earlier about this idea, kind of like if you’re watching shows on Netflix and you really love, I don’t know Gilmore Girls and Kimmy Schmidt. Netflix is going to be like, you might also like, and they’re going to give you a suggestion. And the reason is because it understands what you already like

Emily Shultz: Absolutely. There are places in Boise where if you research it when you’re coming in from somewhere else, certain places will pop up and you’ll think, oh, I need to live in the North End or I absolutely need to live in the something. And we might be able to talk with someone and say, yeah, well, if these specific things that you’re looking for are really important to you, I know of several other places that you would never find online when you’re just looking around.

Andrea Pettitt: Absolutely.

Emily Shultz: So a lot of times when we’re talking with clients looking to move here from out of state, we speak with a lot of people moving from California, from Colorado, really all over the country now that Boise’s become so popular, and they may have an idea of what urban living looks like in Boise from what they’ve seen online. And our job is to introduce them to what that really looks like on the ground here and take them and really have them feel out the neighborhoods themselves.

Andrea Pettitt: And so urban and Boise is going to be those neighborhoods where it might be really easy to get out and walk to a market or go grab coffee. It’s accessible. Your radius is small. That’s one of the beautiful things about living in Boise, I think, is that people who are used to really long commutes find themselves easily moving about town, getting to what they need. And there are a lot of neighborhood centers in the Valley, so a lot of our neighborhoods have a little heart to a neighborhood. And we can introduce people to those kinds of hidden gems, those little pockets that make all the difference.

Emily Shultz: One thing that urban living in Boise has meant to me that it hasn’t met in other places is that I can actually live in a quiet community in a single family home with a large yard and be within five minutes bike ride to the Greenbelt, which is our big bike path through town. I can be less than 10 minutes from downtown, and I can walk along a beautiful canal in my neighborhood and watch the ducks every morning. And to have urban living be so rich in those different ways is just a really different feel than living in Los Angeles and always having the hustle and bustle and having to drive for an hour when you leave the house.

Andrea Pettitt: We compromise less. So you can get that urban lifestyle where you’re close to lots of amenities and activities and things going on, while also being close to nature, while also being in a quiet kind of residential space. So that Boise lifestyle is pretty layered, and that’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about Boise urban.

Andrea Pettitt: One thing that is really important to a lot of people is their lifestyle. And we spend a lot of time talking to people about how they’re living life. Are they getting up in the morning, heading to the co-op to get fresh vegetables for that day and taking the kids to a park? Or are they kind of at home all day working from home or maybe they want to be close to Target. I don’t know. People have different lifestyles and they have different priorities and getting people into the right fit is a big part of what we do.

Emily Shultz: Very important. And I think if you’re not really working with someone who’s truly listening to what’s important to you, you can end up buying a home 30 minutes outside of downtown Boise and two years later or less than a year later realizing, oh, my gosh, we wish we were in the North End, five minutes from downtown. And then that’s a really hard transition. Selling is not an instant process. So we really want to make sure that we’re listening to people and getting them into the right place from the get go.

Andrea Pettitt: Yes, neighborhood is so important.

Emily Shultz: So in summary, your options for an urban lifestyle in Boise can be many different things and look very different, depending on who you are and what’s important to you. Our job is to help introduce you to the city. Even if you already live here, let us give you a new lens and help you find exactly the right lifestyle for you.

Andrea Pettitt: Thanks so much for being here today for Urban Living. I’m Andrea Pettitt.

Emily Shultz: I’m Emily Shultz.

Andrea Pettitt: Our information is on your screen. Reach out and give us a call anytime. We’re happy to help.

Contact the Pettitt Group at Group One Sotheby’s International Realty at (208) 917-3330, or email us at info@buyandsellboise.com

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