Building Your Dream: New Construction Options in Boise

Do you want to live in a planned community? Maybe you want a brand-new house in an older neighborhood? In this video, the Pettitt Group’s Chris Fuhrman and Emily Shultz describe what new construction looks like in the Treasure Valley.

Chris Fuhrman: Hi, I’m Chris Fuhrman.

Emily Shultz: And I’m Emily Shultz.

Chris Fuhrman: And we’re with the Pettitt Group and our topic is new construction.

Emily Shultz: So we’re finding a lot of builders are needing to fill the gap in our inventory and trying to build wherever and however they can to meet the demand.

Chris Fuhrman: Thinking about new construction purchases, what’s important for a buyer to keep in mind when they’re in our area?

Emily Shultz: Well, I think first of all, it’s important to know what their options are for new construction. And the first thing I like to do when I speak with a new buyer is really try to determine why they’re asking for new construction specifically. Because if you’re really looking at just brand new builds, your options are going to be far more limited than are if you’re willing to look at homes that were built in say the last 10 years, or a home that’s older that’s been completely remodeled. So as a buyer’s agent, my job is to really try to help determine the priorities for the client and to then lead them to the options that they have.

Chris Fuhrman: Are they looking for low maintenance? Do they want an open floor plan?

Emily Shultz: Exactly. So once we can determine that, then it’s really just important to go into what kind of options are they going to be looking at specifically with new construction. So in our market, Chris, what are the options that people have when it comes to brand new construction?

Chris Fuhrman: New construction in Boise can look like a big subdivision, we find that more to the West. Or I like to describe Boise as a big patchwork quilt of infill and it’s big spaces that over decades have gotten divided into smaller and smaller spaces. So even now in a wonderful old neighborhood, you might be able to find a very small infill project of new homes with more modern floor plans.

Emily Shultz: So another thing that we really need to remind buyers as they’re looking around at all these new communities in and around Boise, is when you drive to each site, there will be a real estate agent on-sites who is usually in the model home and can help buyers see homes and all that. But that agent works for the builder, they work for the seller and they represent the seller.

Chris Fuhrman: So we are happy to take our buyers from development to development to development because that person is going to try to keep them there, right there at that development. And if they’re truly wanting to look at possibilities of new construction, we want them to see the possibilities that will fit their needs, and not just that one.

Emily Shultz: And it’s really important to be working with a buyer’s agent who understands the process and is very experienced in it.

Chris Fuhrman: So with new construction being a growing part of the real estate market here in Boise, we at the Pettitt Group are prepared and look forward to helping buyers who are, it’s such an exciting process. It’s really fun to see it all come together, and we know how to make that happen as a buyer’s agent with the Pettitt Group. You? Me?

Emily Shultz: Me too. Absolutely. Get yourself a buyer’s agent like me, Emily Shultz.

Chris Fuhrman: And Chris Fuhrman.

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