In 2016 Karen Bubb created an original work of art that we ran as signed, numbered prints and framed for closing gifts. This was the start to a wonderful new tradition. In 2017, 12 local artists were chosen to be part of our first collection. We premiered the Boise Group Art Collection at our annual client appreciation party at the Boise Art Museum

The opportunity to not only promote the work of local artists, but to support arts education locally is extremely rewarding. We joyfully anticipate our clients’ choices as we near their closings. By 2018, our client appreciation party evolved into an annual Art Night Out & Auction. The originals from each year’s collection are auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting the Boise Art Museum.

The Boise Group believes that a vibrant arts community makes Boise a better place for everyone to live, work and give. 

A special thanks to our talented vendors who support this project:

Jake & Moriah Soper, Evermore Printing | Randy Van Dyck, Van Dyck Framing
Britney Whiting-Looze and Andrea Burke, Boise Art Museum

2020 Artists 2021 Artists
January: Andrea Sparrow January: Allie Zeyer
February: Randy Van Dyck February: Carl Rowe
March: William D. Lewis March: Karen Jacobsen
April: Brooke Burton April: Becka Watkins
May: Kristen Hill May: Karen Eastman
June: Rick Friesen June: Sally Stevens
July: Karl LeClair July: John Taye
August: Kylene Collette August: Jerri Lisk
September: Rachel Teannalach September: Kyelene Collette
October: April VanDeGrift October: Rachel Teannalach
November: Sally Stevens November: Everett Marsland Smith
December: JanyRae Seda December: Jill Storey

2018 Artists 2019 Artists
January: Jerri Lisk January: Rick Friesen
February: Danene Taysom February: Jerri Lisk
March: Christine Howard March: Randy Van Dyck
April: Karen Jacobsen April: Karen Bubb
May: Kylene Collette May: Becka Watkins
June: Brooke Burton June: Kylene Collette
July: Allie Zeyer July: Karen Eastman
August: Grant Olsen August: Allie Zeyer
September: Randy Van Dyck September: Rachel Teannalach
October: Karen Doty October: Tony Moody
November: Silas Thompson November: Sue Latta
December: Karen Bubb December: Lisa Flowers Ross